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Oct 29, 2012 5:00pm EDT
briefings he has had with many of the fema and federal officials in charge of this response. the president said he has directed all arms of the federal government to make sure that the food, water and other rescue resources are in place in the areas needed up and down the east coast. more specifically, though, the president's message was to those people who would find themselves in any evacuation zone. in some of his most direct language, the president basically said if you do not heed these warnings or follow the instructions of local officials well in the president's words this could be a fatal situation. >> the most important message that i have for the public right now is, please listen to what your state and local officials are saying. when they tell you to evacuate you need to evacuate, do not delay, don't question the instructions being dna, because this is a serious storm, and it could potentially have fatal consequences if people haven't acted quickly. >> reporter: now as the president can say that it remains to be seen whether or not people will actually do that. as bri
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
storm sandy might be gone but people are just starting to fill out paperwork for fema assistance. >> reporter: new jersey residents can start to get their paperwork in order today, to try to get federal help to deal with all of the damage left by send. politicians pledging to help jersey shore coastal communities back on their feet. today is the first day to file for emergency management assistance. while larger cities slowly get back to normal, smaller communities are letting the affects of the damage on their town singe in. >> i love my town. >> we lost thousands worth of clothes and furniture. and the documents i had here. and can you see that is cracking here through the wall it's cracking -- cracking. all of this is damaged. >> reporter: there are attempts to return to normal as limited bus and subway service resumes in new york city and parts of new jersey. the drivers continue to clog the roads, despite a ban on cars with less than three people traveling into manhattan. even though gasoline to fuel the cars is in short supply. despite all of the hurdles, people are trying
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
of the clean-up, the national guard is here helping. fema has been in the area. the nypd, fdny, other emergency services have been here, but this clean-up has only just begun. >> wow, just to see the pictures. it's just incredible in that region. >> it makes you thankful that people really did take those evacuation orders seriously because given that kind of damage had people been there, it could have been a much different situation. >> absolutely. >>> still ahead tonight some travelers are wishing they got out of tune a bit sooner. coming up we'll -- town a bit sooner. coming up we'll show you the impact the storm had on airarea. >> plus we're monitoring metro. the transit system gets back up to speed after shutting down due to sandy. >> and raw sewage discharged into a local river after a plant lewises electricity at the height of the storm -- loses electricity at the height of the storm. we'll have the latest on this situation. >> with the greatest impacts of sandy out of here we're just talking a little light rain and chilly temperatures. we'll have a look at your evening f
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
expert who knows private insurance, an expert from fema who knows the fema phones, and an expert from the state who knows the state housing programs. >> reporter: nearly half of the reported debts in new york city took place here on staten island. now, forecasters say another storm is on the horizon and is expected to say east of new york in new jersey. david lee miller, fox news. >>> we continue our coverage now with fox 5s paul wagner. he joining us live from staten island. homeland security secretary janet napolitano on the ground there late today touring the devastation, we understand. >> reporter: she was, will. she held a news briefing here a while ago. after her remarks, they opened it up for questions, and i asked her immediately, madame secretary, of all the damage you have seen from hurricane sandy, what is the worse and where does staten island rank in she said staten island ranks among the worse at the. to let me show what you is going here and this is the relief center. they set up a relief center for within gone who needs to come and make anything to make their lives bet
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4